Herik Rail July 2017 

The past years Herik Rail tried to set up intermodal railshuttles to and from Amsterdam. The base assumption is that European rail traffic will further grow and become more and more professional. Herik Rail is convinced railshuttles will stimulate the regional economy of Amsterdam.

Herik Rail is convinced that rail-shuttles to and from Amsterdam are possible. However, the conditions that Herik Rail experiences for launching require long-term commitments from shippers and logistics service providers. Until now, we unfortunately have not been able to acquire these.

We believe that as soon as a consortium is created between several parties to develop a sustainable rail product, anything is possible. Within such a consortium, market relations are sufficient to have the time for sound economic and operational development.

Should you be interested in a cooperation in an alliance for rail transport from Amsterdam, we are willing to discuss the possibilities and bring in our acquired knowledge and skills.

Herik Rail future plans

Our negotiations with various stakeholders are proceeding! Together with some famous logistic companies we are trying to realize a new hinterland raillink from Amsterdam.


Since its launch, Herik Rail has generated a considerable amount of publicity. Partly due to the launch of the shuttle, the new site and a lot of social media interest, all of which have contributed to the fact that the rail cargo industry is being called on more often. At Herik Rail we are going full speed ahead along the same route. Via this Link to photogallery we show a selection of pictures which can be used for publications. We will update this regular with actual images of Fresh Cargo and other inspiring moments.

For more information regarding our services, please read our recently updated ​​interactive infographic.

Herik Rail

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