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Herik Rail future plans

Our negotiations with various stakeholders are proceeding! Together with some famous logistic companies we are trying to realize a new hinterland raillink from Amsterdam to Italy.

Since we've launched our rail shuttle to Milan in 2014 we have communicated that we will deliver your cargo fresh, reliable and durable. Due to the quickly changing transport landscape with changing occupancy and equipment, we had to decide to re-consider a number of strategic things and therefore and stop the shuttle after a few months.

Nevertheless, we still are trying the relaunch a rail shuttle from Amsterdam to Italy. 

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The rail shuttle from Herik Rail connects the port of Amsterdam directly with the economical heart of Northern Italy. Now fresh flowers from Aalsmeer, agricultural products, fish from IJmuiden, but also electronics or pharmaceuticals can be transported to Italy. Italian leather goods, and anything else can find their way back to Amsterdam. The new Amsterdam-Italy railway connection offers a lot of new opportunities.

Herik Rail